Grandma Grandpa Cook
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Publisher: MCCM Creations
Publication Date: April 10, 2010
Language: English/Chinese
ISBN-13: 978-9889984366
Synopsis Concept by Evelyna Liang
Photography by Michael Wolf
Edited by Yeung Yang

Grandma Grandpa Cook is a celebration of the selfless devotion of grandmas and grandpas to their families and children, and their contribution to the cultural history of foodways in Hong Kong.
A collection of 40 some authentic stories told by grandmas and grandpas who came to Hong Kong from China as settlers before the Second World War, this book is rich with their fond childhood memories of running around the fields and playing on swings, as well as memories of love and bonding. They also give vivid accounts everyday life during the Japanese occupation of Hong Kong and the riots of 1967. However, all these fade into insignificance when food comes into the picture - traditional Cantonese dishes like carrot and green turnip soup, taro in ginger and brown sugar, and sticky rice dumplings, bring their loved ones close together. The recipes as told by the grandmas and grandpas themselves are as much a gift from them to the generations to come as a tribute to their contribution.
Yang Yeung
Yang Yeung, editor of Grandma Grandpa Cook spoke with Angie Man on the content and making of the book. she also shared her striking feeling about the book.
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