The Great Walk of China - Travels on foot from Shanghai to Tibet
- by Graham Earnshaw -
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Publisher: Blacksmith Books
Publication Date: April 30, 2010
Language: English
ISBN-13: 978-9881900210
Synopsis How long would it take to walk across the world's most populous country?

The Great Walk of China is a journey into China's heartland, away from its surging coastal cities, where the ripples of prosperity are only just beginning to be felt and many find themselves left behind.

Through his conversations with the people he meets along the way, the Chinese-speaking Earnshaw paints a portrait of a nation struggling to come to terms with its newfound identity and its place in the world. Our wandering guide never backs away from sensitive and sometimes uncomfortable topics, and captures the essential kindness and generosity of the Chinese people with brilliant clarity.
Tags: China, Travel
Graham Earnshaw
Graham Earnshaw talks about his new book - The Great Walk of China - Travels on foot from Shanghai to Tibet with Tim Littlechild and Hugh Chiverton on Naked Lunch.
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