From Sedan Chair to Jumbo Jet
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Publisher: Bonham Media
Publication Date: July 1, 2010
Language: English
Synopsis Transport: Hong Kong’s lifeblood. From its modest origins, when Hong Kong was still the proverbial ‘barren rock’, the territory’s transport system has evolved to become one of the most iconic, efficient and economical in the world.

From Sedan Chair to Jumbo Jet captures this remarkable story, tracing the development of Hong Kong’s transport system from the mid-19th century, when the principal means of transport were sailing junks, sampans and horses, through the spectacular development of land and maritime transport, to the huge growth in civil aviation after the Second World War.

This book makes fascinating reading and gives a valuable insight into life in Hong Kong over the past 170 years. Sprinkled with amusing anecdotes and richly illustrated throughout, this book is required reading for the amateur train spotter in all of us as well as those who have a serious interest in the evolution of transport systems in Hong Kong.
Kasyan Bartlett
In Phil's Morning Brew(5.7.2010), Publisher Kasyan Bartlett tells us about his book ‘From Sedan Chair to Jumbo Jet’ , an insight into life in Hong Kong over the past 170 years.
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