- by Justin Hill -
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Publisher: Little, Brown
Publication Date: May 26, 2011
Language: English
ISBN-10: 1408702789
ISBN-13: 978-1408702789
Synopsis The year is 1016 and England burns while the Viking armies blockade the great city of London. King Ethelred lies dying and the England he knew dies with him; the warring kingdoms of Mercia, Wessex and Northymbria tremble on the brink of great change. One man lives to bear witness to the upheaval: Godwin, barely out of boyhood and destined to become one of his country’s great warriors.

When Ethelred’s son Edmund takes the throne, determined to succeed where his father failed, he plucks Godwin from domestic peace to be right-hand man in his loyal shield wall. Godwin must traverse the meadows, wintry forests and fogbound marshes of Saxon England, raising armies of monks, ploughmen and shepherds against the Viking invader. With epic courage and ferocity, Godwin and Edmund repel the butchering Danes in three great battles. But an old enemy, the treacherous Earl Eadric, dogs Godwin’s footsteps, and as the final battle approaches, around the valiant English the trap begins to close.
Justin Hill
Ahead of the Hong Kong Book Fair 2012 , English author Justin Hill, joins Phil on Morning Brew to talk about his books. Justin's novels have been nominated for the Man Booker Prize three times.
Justin Hill
Sarah Passmore is joined by Justin Hill to talk about his latest work Shieldwall and explain why he likes history.
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