Full English: A Journey Through the British and Their Food
- by Tom Parker Bowles -
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Publisher: Ebury
Publication Date: August 6, 2009
Language: English
ISBN-10: 0091926688
ISBN-13: 978-0091926687
Synopsis From West Country cider brewers to Yorkshire tripe dressers, Tom meets the punters and producers at the heart of our food traditions. He samples the very best of real English food: Bury black pudding, home-cured Wiltshire bacon and the planet’s finest cheddar.

But Full English is no paean to an imagined land where yokels sip ale together while chomping on pork pies. Tom’s quest delves beneath the surface to unearth the real story behind our eating habits, and what the food of today says about us: organic heaven or mass-produced hell?

Peppered with mouth-watering recipes and recommendations, Tom’s pilgrimage maps out England’s defining dishes: Fish & Chips in the North, Balti in the midlands, Snail Porridge at the Fat Duck. But it is the colourful characters we meet along the way who truly bring Full English to life.
Tom Parker Bowles
Food writer Tom Parker Bowles said Hong Kong is the "world's greatest food city". He spoke with entrepreneur Sir David Tang in London about food and writing. To hear more from Tom Parker Bowles, don’t miss his talk with three other authors critic and columnist AA Gill, novelist and publisher...
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