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- by A.A. Gill -
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Publisher: W&N
Publication Date: October 1, 2009
Language: English
ISBN-10: 0297854496
ISBN-13: 978-0297854494
Synopsis A.A. Gill has been the must-read television critic in the SUNDAY TIMES 'Culture' section for more than ten years. This collection of some of the best writing from his columns is broken down into themes - Sport, Costume Drama, Detectives, Children's Television, and News.
And now it's over to A.A. Gill:
'Those who complain, usually from the Parnassian heights of print journalism, that TV is dumbed-down and peddles dross to the lowest common denominator, citing Big Brother or Celibate Love Island, miss the point...
In barely a generation, the information from television has changed the way we see the world and everyone in it. That's no small achievement. Television really does make a difference... It can bring down walls, save lives and right wrongs. It can also tell you how to put a water feature on your patio...'

The finest TV critic of our time talks about Sport, Sitcoms, News, the Weather, Children's programmes and 'Reality Television'.
A A Gills, David Starkey, Nicholas Coleridge, Tom Parker Bowles
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A.A. Gill
Critic and columnist AA Gill is known for his biting writing. When he was interviewed by entrepreneur Sir David Tang, he described himself as a “truth teller” rather than a writer known for being “rude” to his subjects. To hear more from him, check out the open forum "How and What and...
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