Frederick--The Life of My Missionary Grandfather in Manchuria
- by Mark O'Neill -
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Publisher: Joint Publishing (HK)
Publication Date: May 21, 2012
Language: English
ISBN-13: 9789620432002
Synopsis Frederick O’Neill, an Irish Presbyterian missionary, lived for forty-five years in Faku, a small town in Manchuria, northeast China. From 1897 until his expulsion by the Japanese army in 1942, he witnessed and reported the extraordinary events that convulsed China – the Boxer Rebellion, the Great Manchurian Plague, the overthrow of the Qing dynasty and the Japanese invasion of Manchuria. He also served with the China Labour Corps in France in World War One.
“Engagingly written, with a wonderful way of bringing to life the work of one missionary and the broader history of Manchuria.”
----Frank Dikötter, Chair Professor of Humanities at The University of Hong Kong

“History is more complex and colourful through the lives of real persons than by the pens of historians. Basically we are all human beings and the distinctions by religion, race, and class could not conceal our passion for others. We might interpret macrohistory in whatever ideologies; the microhistory of individuals does not follow any mega-theory and the individuals’ lives present only narratives embedded in a particular conjuncture of time and place. But only through these narratives that we can understand real persons, real lives, the real world and the history they constitute. The case of Frederick O’Neill is one of them.”
----Dr Thomas Chan, Head of the China Business Centre, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University

About the author:
Born in London in 1950 and educated at New College, Oxford University, Mark O’Neill has worked in Asia since 1978, in Hong Kong, Taiwan, India, China and Japan, for BBC, Reuters, the South China Morning Post and other media. Since 2006, he has lived in Hong Kong. He has written three books, including Tzu Chi: Serving with Compassion. He lived in Beijing and Shanghai for more than sixteen years, giving him the opportunity to visit Faku and collect the material for this book. Now he works as an author, journalist and teacher, based in Hong Kong. He speaks and writes Chinese but not with the learning and eloquence of Grandfather.

Preface How it all began... 6
History and Culture of Faku 20
Chapter 1 From Belfast to Manchuria 24
Chapter 2 Manchuria 52
Chapter 3 Death of a Missionary Doctor 90
Chapter 4 The Missionary Community Takes Root 122
Chapter 5 From Manchukuo to Pearl Harbour 164
Chapter 6 War 200
Chapter 7 Return to China, Return to Ireland 226
Chapter 8 Resurrection 252
Thank you 278
Mark O'Neill
Author and scholar Mark O'Neill is one of the several writers here for the HK Book Fair 2013. He talks about a personal story of his grandfather, a missionary in Manchuria in the 19th century.
Mark O'Neill
Journalist and author Mark O'Neill has lived and worked in Asia for many years and he joins Phil to talk about his fascinating new book; "Frederick: The Life of My Missionary Grandfather in Manchuria".
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