Benjamin Bunce
- by Matthew Harrison -
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Publication Date: May 1, 2012
Language: English
ISBN-13: 9789889889425
Synopsis Hong Kong bachelor Benjamin Bunce has found his niche as PR manager of the Prospect Group. But when olives replace the spiced beef in the PR department pantry, it’s a sign of trouble. And when the olive-eater turns out to be dominating new boss Alexandra, Benjamin finds himself on the menu.

Benjamin Bunce takes our hero through a busy year as he wrestles with casinos and caged men, and fung shui and female impersonation in pursuit of his boss’s wild schemes. His mission takes him beyond Hong Kong to Macau and Mainland China, and a series of large ladies test his bachelor resolve. But Benjamin’s biggest challenge is himself. Can he learn to face his fears and bring home the bacon?
Matthew Harrison
Phil Whelan on Morning Brew meets best-selling Hong Kong author, Matthew Harrson. His published fiction includes the romantic short story collection, "Queen’s Road Central and Other Stories", the novel "Jessica's Choice" and brand new humorous novel "Benjamin Bunce".
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