Seven Dwarfs
- by Jake van der Kamp -
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Publisher: Chameleon Pres
Publication Date: June 1, 2012
Language: English
ISBN-13: 9789881862358
Synopsis In the 23rd century, fossil fuels are exhausted and Earth depends on energy from a swarm of solar power satellites. Conditions are harsh in the space stations that serve this network and some of the crews rebel. They move away from Earth orbit and build their own colonies, the ‘Seven Dwarfs’, meant for life, not labour. The real beginning of the Space Age has come at last.

But Earth does not tolerate this defiance of its authority and mounts an expedition to bring the rebels to heel. Duty calls Lieutenant-Commander Will Proudfoot of the United Nations Solar Navy to a task of which he is uncertain from the start. A stronger call then slowly takes hold of him, and when he comes across evidence of a deadly conspiracy he must choose where his future lies.
Jake van der Kamp
Popular SCMP columnist and author, Jake van der Kamp talks about his brand new novel "Seven Dwarfs" - a 23rd century tale of what happens when the world as we know it "runs out".
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