Myanmar: Burma in Style
- by Caroline Courtauld -
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Publisher: Odyssey Publications,Hong Kong
Publication Date: October 20, 2012
Language: English
ISBN-10: 9622178324
ISBN-13: 978-9622178328
Synopsis An isolated and remote country unspoiled by mass tourism, Burma is for the adventurous traveler, not the average tourist. Travel the great Ayeyawady River to Kipling's Mandalay, the last of Burma's royal capitals, explore the exotic Inle Lake and, of course, meet the people of this richly varied land, from the northern hill tribes to the amiable Burmese themselves. The river is a source of continuity and hope in a country at odds with itself. As it emerges from isolation, the nation of Myanmar is caught between repression and reform, dark and light. For armchair travelers and adventurers alike, this guide intelligently evokes the magic and mystery of what was once the richest nation in Asia
Caroline Courtauld
Caroline Courtauld and her publisher Magnus Bartlett talk to Phil Whelan about their new book "Myanmar: Burma in Style" and shed light on today's Burma politics.
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