Hong Kong Noir
- by Feng Chi-shun -
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Publisher: Blacksmith Books
Publication Date: December 1, 2012
Language: English
ISBN-13: 978-988-16139-67
Synopsis Hong Kong pathologist Feng Chi-shun was once part-owner of a dive bar in Kowloon City: a rough part of town which was home to the Sun Yee On triad gang. During that time, he heard a lot of stories.

How about the street sleeper who was a secret millionaire, or the man who chose to end it all in Chungking Mansions? Do you want to know the details of Kowloon's gruesome Hello Kitty murder, or what the taxi driver from hell did to his passengers? How about Elvis of the Orient, the ancient movie star who fooled hundreds of people for his final performance, or the student who stumbled into the 1967 riots and entered the world of girlie bars? And what was the truth about the girl with the eagle tattoo?

The 15 stories in Hong Kong Noir offer a glimpse of what happens in the shadows.
Feng Chi-shun
Phil met author Fung Chi Shun and found out about his new book "Hong Kong Noir". A pathologist, Feng was once part-owner of a bar in Kowloon City, a rough part of town which was home to the Sun Yee On triad society. During that time he heard a lot of stories, which have just been published in this...
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