Nero - An Exemplary Life
- by Angelo Paratico -
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Publisher: Inkstone
Publication Date: December 1, 2012
Language: English
ISBN-13: 9789889993962
Synopsis Nero was a kind of a hippy emperor who loved to mix and drink wine with charioteers, actors, musicians, prostitutes and who, more than anything else, despised the hypocrisy pervasive in the top echelons of Roman society. – from the Foreword by Alex Lo, Columnist for the South China Morning Post

Four and half centuries ago, Italian polymath Girolamo Cardano wrote a biography of the Roman emperor Nero, commonly held to be a monster and murderer.

He titled it Encomium Neronis – that is to say, a work in praise of Nero. To escape censure and accusations of heresy, he pretended that it was just a rhetorical exercise.

Through astute historiography only duplicated recently, this man of immense erudition saw clearly that the sources on which every biographer had relied – Tacitus and Suetonius – were biased and partial. Perhaps he found in Nero a kindred spirit, for Cardano had himself been the victim of slander on the occasion of his son’s execution.

Amazingly, this important work has never before been translated in English. Angelo Paratico has made it available not just to scholars but also to anyone interested in one of history’s most engrossing figures:an emperor, a god, a man of prodigious sexual and cultural appetites, yet a protector of the poor and downtrodden. At a time when history is increasingly rewritten for political ends, Cardano’s book on the great Nero remains as relevant as it was when first published in 1562.

A native of Milan, now based in Hong Kong, Angelo Paratico is a journalist and writer in both Italian and English. His novels include Black Hole (2008), The Karma Killers (2009) and Ben (2010).
Angelo Paratico
Journalist, novelist and Latin scholar Angelo Paratico tells us why he compares CY Leung to...Nero. Also he gives some introductions of his books to readers.
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