Vivid Hong Kong
- by Palani Mohan -
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Publisher: Asia One
Publication Date: November 1, 2011
Language: English
ISBN-13: 978-988-15316-3-6
Synopsis Vivid Hong Kong is an intensely colourful and kinetic look at daily life in Hong Kong, as captured on an iPhone camera. To create this pioneering collection, photographer Palani Mohan roamed the streets in all weathers and seasons to compile a serendipitous take on the city. By forgoing traditional photographic equipment in favour of an iPhone, Mohan was able to wend his way through the crowds unobtrusively, seizing the everyday, fleeting moments that define the soul of Hong Kong in their purest state – and their most evocative and dream-like form.
Palani Mohan
Award winning Photo-journalist Palani Mohan, author of "Vived Hong Kong" tells Noreen Mir why he started using an iphone for his photography and what people think of it and also gives her some tips on her photos which she had with her!
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