India Rajastan
- by Isabelle Demenge and illustrated by Emilie Sarnel -
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Publisher: AsiaOne
Publication Date: March 15, 2014
Language: English
Synopsis Leap & Hop is a series of travel books written especially for children aged from 8 to 12 by Isabelle Demenge and illustrated by Emilie Sarnel. The idea of the series is to turn a “grown-up” trip into a fun adventure for children. These interactive books aim at getting children to discover new places and learn about other cultures through interesting information as well as games and activities.

The first three destinations offered by Leap & Hop are all located in Asia. They are Cambodia, India-Rajasthan and Sri Lanka.
Isabelle Demenge
Isabelle Demenge has lived many lives: corporate finance lawyer, mother of three boys, world traveler and writer. Facing the difficulties of traveling with children in Cambodia, she decided to write for her kids the book that she was looking for. Her books help families move from "kid–friendly...
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