The Tiger in the Stone
- by Anna Ginsburg -
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Publisher: Inkstone
Publication Date: November 1, 2012
Language: English
ISBN-13: 9789628509836
Synopsis Late in the autumn, the youth of the Amber Sun Clan prepare for the Journey, their ancient rite of passage. Taia, an apprentice hunter, sets out alone into the wilderness in search of her spirit animal, only to discover a threat to the life of the clans. While Taia grapples with a startling discovery about herself and the Journey, will she be able to save her people
and everything they have known?

Anna Ginsburg lives in Hong Kong. She was inspired to write THE TIGER IN THE STONE by a love of natural and human history.
Anna Ginsburg
Anna Ginsburg, 15, was inspired to write her first novel, The Tiger in the Stone (published 2012), when something from a curio shop in Italy caught her attention. Anna was born and raised in Hong Kong and now studies in Chinese International School. Andrew Dembina talks to her about her writing...
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