Bitch on heat
- by Richard Tong, Illustrator: James Ng -
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Publisher: O Group Ltd
Publication Date: November 7, 2013
Language: English
ISBN-13: 9789881256324
Synopsis MEET JACK SO. Single parent, not-­so-­good Samaritan. When a bombshell lands in his lap it sets off a journey through the Neon Noir™ shadows of pre-­handover Hong Kong. Navigating perilous curves in pursuit of an ancient artifact, he soon discovers the past is not finished with him, yet. History has a handful of hard-­boiled lessons for Jack So to learn. And history, when it comes unbidden, can be a bitch.

Tong's third novel is the first in a series of Jack So misadventures A new book and a new kind of book. A hybrid of prose and graphics. Contemporary adult fiction augmented with more than 160 pages of bold illustrations. Like Jack So, and the city that spawned him, this a unique cornucopia of cultures. A post-­modern mash-­up. A literary journey that will surprise at every turn.
Richard Tong
Ahead of the Hong Kong Book Fair, Phil Whelan meets author Richard Tong, whose published works include "Me and my potato" and "Happy Birthday Bitch"!
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