Hong Kong French Connections : From the 19th Century to the Present Day
- by François Drémeaux -
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Publisher: Bonham Media Ltd, Hong Kong
Publication Date: January 1, 2012
Language: English
ISBN-13: 9789881971166
Synopsis In 1862 the first Consul of France in Hong Kong was appointed. 150 years later, Hong Kong is home to more than 15 000 French people, 700 French companies and hosts one of the largest French arts festivals in Asia. The French art de vivre finds a strong echo among Hong Kong people.

Hong Kong has aroused admiration ever since it took a run up in the nineteenth century. Numerous French citizens, many anonymous, some famous, have explored every corner of this city, leaving on it their mark and their memories. These stories paint an impressionist picture of a city always on the move. Through the original prism of the French community, these pages take us back in time on a journey of discovery...
François Drémeaux
Phil Whelan meets French author and academic François Drémeaux. The body of his work concerns French presence in this and other former colonies.
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