No City for Slow Men
- by Jason Ng -
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Publisher: Blacksmith Books
Publication Date: November 7, 2014
Language: English
ISBN-13: 978-9881613875
Synopsis Author and blogger Jason Y. Ng has a knack for making the familiar both fascinating and funny. Three years after his bestselling début HONG KONG State of Mind, the razor-sharp observer returns with a sequel that is bigger and every bit as poignant.

No City for Slow Men is a collection of 36 essays that examine some of the pressing social, cultural and existential issues facing Hong Kong. It takes us from the gravity-defying property market to the plunging depths of old age poverty, from the storied streets of Sheung Wan to the beckoning island of Cheung Chau, from the culture-shocked Western expat to the misunderstood Mainland Chinese and the disenfranchised foreign domestic worker. The result is a treatise on Hong Kong life that is thought-provoking, touching and immensely entertaining.
Jason Ng
Local writer Jason Ng left Hong Kong in his teens and returned ten years ago. He often tells overseas friends, “Hong Kong is like a diva that gets a makeover every few years.” Through a combination of comedy, candour and experience, Ng explores the challenges of living in this concrete jungle.
Jason Ng
Hong Kong's Book Fair starts today​, so to mark that we welcome best selling author and columnist Jason Ng, who will talk about his featured work "No City For Slow Men".
Jason Ng
Jason Ng, author of "No City for Slow Men", talks to Annemarie Evans about his family and his thoughts on some hot issues like property and domestic helpers.
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