The Tale of Rodney Ram
- by Sarah Brennan, Harry Harrison (Illustrator) -
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Publisher: Eliassen Creative, LLC
Publication Date: October 1, 2014
Language: English
ISBN-10: 1937160599
ISBN-13: 978-1937160593
Synopsis Rodney Ram is gorgeous, from his ear-tips to his toes. But there's just one problem; he doesn't want to lead his flock! Then famine grips Guangdong Province, and the sheep are in mortal danger. Will Rodney rise to the challenge, and save their woolly hides? Find out in this shaggy tale of shyness, sheep and an awful lot of luck! Another funny and fabulous Chinese Calendar Tale (the ninth book) due out just in time for the Year of the Ram (2015)!

Sarah Brennan's work is a meeting between traditional Asian narratives and the universal taste of children for graphic stories. The tale-telling gifts shown in these books, along with the exuberance of the language and rhymes, make them unique in children's literature. How did rice become one of the most important foods in the world. You can turn to a history book or the Internet to find out. Or you can have a lot more fun reading how Rodney the Ram saves the villagers of Guangzhou!

Sarah Brennan and Harry Harrison are back!
Sarah Brennan
Hear author Sarah Brennan talk to Noreen Mir on the 123 Show about her latest book "The Tale of Rodney Ram".
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