Rain on the Pacific Coast
- by Elbert Lee -
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Publisher: Proverse Hong Kong
Publication Date: November 19, 2013
Language: English
ISBN-13: 978-9888167395
Synopsis RAIN ON THE PACIFIC COAST is a tapestry of human experience, in which desires and passing worlds crisscross, collude, and collide. Each poem is a tiny spark that flies off in various types of encounter, giving significance and illumination to seemingly brief and mundane moments of daily existence. The poems are rooted in space and time and involve real people. Read in a certain way, they are mini life-dramas. Behind the scenes, the poet plays the roles of provocateur, critic, voyeur, seducer, lamenter, lover, and spiritual guide. Many of the poems were written in different places in Hong Kong around the time of change over. Others were conceived at various locations from Eastern Canada to the Pearl River Delta.
Elbert Lee
We welcome poet and author Elbert Lee and find out about his latest volume of poetry with a natural flavour, "Rain on the Pacific Coast".
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