The Tale of Rickshaw Rooster
- by Sarah Brennan, Harry Harrison (Illustrator) -
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Publisher: Auspicious Time
Publication Date: November 1, 2016
Language: English
ISBN-13: 9789881609878
Synopsis Rickshaw is a proud, vain and extremely noisy rooster living in the backstreets of 1920s Shanghai. When the Annual Race along the famous Bund is announced, winning is a matter of national pride for the contestants representing Shanghai’s international Concessions. But Rickshaw Rooster has other ideas! Will the foreigners win again, or will a local hero carry the day? Find out in this tale of loyalty, ruffled feathers and cocky determination!

Highlights 1920s Shanghai, its famous Bund, the international concessions, the end of Empire and the rise of nationalism in China, and the special characteristics of people born in the Year of the Rooster.
Sarah Brennan
Sarah Brennan talks to Judd Boaz about her books and involvement in this annual Young Readers Festival.
Sarah Brennan
Sarah Brennan is the Hong Kong-based author of the best-selling Chinese Calendar Tales and the Dirty Story series for primary school aged kids. Her new story Storm Whale, a picture book illustrated by Jane Tanner, will be released in June 2017.
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