Hong Kong on the Brink: An American diplomat relives 1967’s darkest days
- by Syd Goldsmith -
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Publisher: Blacksmith Books
Publication Date: June 1, 2017
Language: English
ISBN-13: 9789887792789
Synopsis Syd Goldsmith’s first taste of China’s Cultural Revolution is blood on his tongue. It’s 1967. Hong Kong is simmering, plagued by communist-led riots and strikes, crippled transport, punishing water-rationing, takeover threats from Beijing and roadside bombs. And Syd — the only Caucasian Foreign Service Officer at the American Consulate General who speaks Cantonese — is made responsible for reporting and analysis of the Hong Kong government’s ability to survive.

The CIA station chief and the head of Macau’s gold syndicate play major roles in Syd’s story, along with Newsweek’s Sydney Liu and Maynard Parker, and a steady stream of inquiring foreign correspondents and China-watchers. Richard Nixon makes a cameo appearance — to talk football with Syd since the consul general won’t see him — in this riveting memoir of a year when Hong Kong’s “borrowed time” seemed about to expire.
Syd Goldsmith
Phil Whelan meets author Syd Goldsmith who's new book "Hong Kong On The Brink" documents his experiences here as an American diplomat during the 1967 riots.
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