Dear Hong Kong: An Elegy to a City
- by Xu Xi -
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Publisher: Penguin Books China
Publication Date: July 1, 2017
Language: English
ISBN-10: 0734399383
ISBN-13: 978-0734399380
Synopsis From a writer whose body of work witnesses her love affair with Hong Kong comes a highly personal narrative that unravels her recently finalized decision to leave the city for good. Xu Xi explores her tumultuous relationship with Hong Kong, her personal frustrations with how the city has developed in the recent past, and how these changes have informed her decision not to spend her later years there—a farewell address to the place that has shaped so much of her own identity.
Xu Xi
We welcome back our friend, author Xu Xi, who’s been in town for the Hong Kong International Literary Festival. We’ll find out all about her latest work and what she's been up to these past few days.
Xu Xi
Author Xu Xi will be talking about her compelling new book, "Dear Hong Kong - An Elegy for A City".
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