Hong Kong as it Was: Hedda Morrison's Photographs, 1946-47
- by Edward Stokes -
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Publisher: Hong Kong University Press
Publication Date: August 15, 2009
Language: English
ISBN-13: 9789622097544
Synopsis In September 1946, the photographer Hedda Morrison arrived in Hong Kong, where she lived for six months and she photographed virtually every aspect of local life, including the harbour, Kowloon, old crafts, fishing and farming etc. In recent years much acclaimed for her 1930s and 1940s images of China.

This new book presents the best of her 1946-47 photographs, each of them telling documentary photographs and some of them art images. The book was developed and researched by Edward Stokes, who uncovered these Hedda Morrison negatives six years ago. His chapter texts and in-depth social and photographic context make the book memorable for those who know and care about Hong Kong.
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Dr. Tsui Lap-Chee
While it may be obvious to say that Hong Kong has gone through enormous changes in the past half a century or so, in Hong Kong as it Was: Hedda Morrison's Photographs, 1946-47, author Edward Stokes takes us back to the years that essentially mark the beginnings of the territory's phenomenal growth...
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