Ghost Cave: A novel of Sarawak Updated: 28.12.2015 Elsie Sze is the author of three published novels; Hui Gui: a Chinese story, The Heart of the Buddha, and most recently, Ghost Cave: a novel of Sarawak. Following her graduation from the University of Hong Kong, she taught at King’s College in Hong Kong for a year, then left her native home to pursue graduate studies at the University of Toronto and the University of Chicago. In 2013, Sze won the inaugural Saphira Prize, a literary prize offered by Women in Publishing Society, Hong Kong for her manuscript “Ghost Cave”.

Elsie talked to Noreen Mir about her works.
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Ghost Cave: A novel of Sarawak - by Elsie Sze - Read More
Publisher: Hong Kong Women in Publishing Society
Publication Date: February 26, 2014
ISBN-13: 9781310020643
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