Frances Hardinge
Frances Hardinge spent her childhood in a huge old house that inspired her to write strange stories from an early age. She read English at Oxford University, then got a job at a software company. However, by this time a persistent friend had finally managed to bully Frances into sending a few chapters of Fly By Night, her first children’s novel, to a publisher and finally the book won the Branford Boase First Novel Award. She also has since written many critically acclaimed novels, including Verdigris Deep, Cuckoo Song, The Lie Tree and most recently A Skinful of Shadows.
Frances Hardinge Updated: 9.3.2018 On today's 123 Show, we're joined by Frances Hardinge, an award-winning author of fiction for children and young adults, who talks about her inspiration for writing imaginative stories.
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Fly by Night - by Frances Hardinge - Read More
Publisher: MacMillan Children's Books
Publication Date: September 1, 2006
ISBN-13: 978-0330418263
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Frances Hardinge's Book
Fly by Nightby Frances Hardinge
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