Su Tong 蘇童
Born in 1963 in Suzhou and now living in Nanjing, Su Tong ( 蘇童) is one of China's best-selling authors.

Su Tong’s prolific and provocative oeuvre – six novels including Ric (2004) and My life as Emperor (2006), a dozen novellas and more than 120 short stories – have earned him a place at the center of China’s literary scene. His best-known work abroad is the novella Wives and Concubines, which was made into the Oscar-winning film Raise the Red Lantern. Binu – Thy Myth of Meng Jiang Nu (2006) was sold into 15 countries and is scheduled for publication in Britain.

In 2009, he was awarded the Man Asian Literary Prize for his work The Boat to Redemption, the second Chinese writer ever to win the prize.
2009 Man Asian Literary Prize Winner - Su Tong Updated: 5.3.2010
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First interview
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Second interview
In the first interview, Su Tong describes writing a novel is like running a marathon and shares his feeling of achieving international fame. And in the second, Sarah Passmore gets Su's reaction on having just won the prize.
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