LAM Woon Kwong
Chairperson of Equal Opportunities Commission and Convenor of Executive Council
W.K. Lam on the Magic MountainUpdated: 2.8.2012 Lam Woon Kwong, Convenor of the Executive Council and Chairperson of the Equal Opportunities Commission joins Angie Man in Bookmarks to talk about "The Magic Mountain" the book he recommmends to people who care about humanity and contemporary Hong Kong . Mr Lam shares reflections from the book on life and death issues
Book Information
The Magic Mountain - by Thomas Mann - Read More
Publisher: Vintage
Publication Date: October 1, 1996
Language: English
ISBN-13: 978-0679772873
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Reading Profile
Q: Can you summarize your reading life in 10 words?
A: I love reading
Q: Who is your favourite character in fiction?
A: Captain John Yossarian of Catch-22
Q: Who is your favourite living writer?
A: Gabriel García Márquez
Q: Do you mostly read fiction or non-fiction?
A: Fiction
Q: What book was most important to you as a child?
A: The Crash of Planet on Earth (怪星撞地球)
Q: What book would you take to a desert island?
A: Books of Russian author Leo Tolstoy
Q: Most overrated book?
A: The Da Vinci Code by Dan Brown