Xu Xi
Writer-in-Residence & MFA Program Leader of City University of Hong Kong
Xu Xi on A Many-Splendored ThingUpdated: 14.8.2012 Xu Xi tells us the impressive scenes of her favourite book "A Many-Splendored Thing" by Han Suyin.
Book Information
A Many-Splendored Thing - by Han Suyin - Read More
Publisher: Little Brown & Co (T) (June 1952)
Publication Date: January 1, 1970
Language: English
ISBN-10: 9997546822
ISBN-13: 978-9997546821
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Reading Profile
Q: Can you summarize your reading life in 10 words?
A: I read.
Q: Who is your favourite character in fiction?
A: Professor Chaos
Q: Who is your favourite living writer?
A: Can't name ONE - no writer in their right mind should be so overly influenced as to call ONE living writer their favorite.
Q: Do you mostly read fiction or non-fiction?
A: Both but probably overall more fiction since I write more fiction.
Q: What book was most important to you as a child?
A: Many were, especially Hans Christian Anderson's tales but I suppose Alice in Wonderland was fairly influential
Q: What book would you take to a desert island?
A: The Real Book (jazz music scores)
Q: Most overrated book?
A: Right now, probably Fifty Shades of Grey, but you also could say The Lifeboat and The Time Traveler's Wife among the more recently published, overhyped, overrated ones.